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L i c e n s e A g r e e m e n t This is a license agreement between you the customer and Nuverb® Systems Inc. ("Nuverb") regarding the use of this software. GRANT OF LICENSE: You may use this software on any computer you own. This software may be used to process the internal data of only one user. COPYRIGHT: This software is owned by "Nuverb" and is protected by copyright law. You must treat this software like any other copyrighted material except that you may: (a) transfer this software to any computer you own, (b) print any number of copies of the help file and (c) backup data files to any removable media. OTHER RESTRICTIONS: You may not rent or lease this software. You may transfer this software and the accompanying documentation to another user provided you delete all copies of this software from all computers you own and the recipient agrees to this license agreement. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this software. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: "Nuverb" will have no responsibility if failure of this software has resulted from accident, abuse or misapplication. In no event is "Nuverb" liable to you for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or similar damages, including any lost profits or lost data arising out of the use or inability to use this software, even if Nuverb has been advised of the possibilities of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not allow these limitations or exclusions, so they may not apply to you. In any case "Nuverb"'s liability shall not exceed the purchase price of this software's activation code. LIMITED GUARANTEE: This software is a demo version which will operate for a trial period of 30 days from the date it is installed. During the trial period some features of this software may be disabled. After the trial period, this software will operate on a limited basis only. A demo version can be converted at any time to a full version by purchasing an activation code. "Nuverb" guarantees that after this software is activated with an activation code, all the features of the modules you purchased will be fully functional, as described in the documentation included. Starting on the purchase date, this software will be covered by a warranty period of one (1) year. During that time you will receive free technical support and free tailoring of this software to fit the way you work. If you need any improvements or changes, you will notify "Nuverb" of what you require. "Nuverb" will then modify this software to better serve your needs, or refund the purchase price of this software's activation code.


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Donarius Church Management Software 5.013

The easy way to keep track of members, contributions, pledges and more...
Company Nuverb Systems Inc.
Product version 5.013 All versions

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